ESL Program

SPEAKWELL is a free non-denominational program run by volunteers and sponsored by the Community Development Office, Saanich Parks and Recreation, Municipality of Saanich in Victoria, British Columbia. All facilitators are unpaid volunteers.

Starting sometime in February, 2023*, we will meet Saturdays from 1:30 to 3:00 pm at the Braefoot Park Centre, 1359 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria, BC. (*Start date yet to be determined).

How does it work?

We put 3 – 4 students in each group with a teacher, in order to encourage conversation and learning. Each group is made up of students who speak English at the same level.

We have a new lesson each week, covering the following topics:

  • New words & expressions
  • Canadian culture
  • Social interactions: Asking for directions, visiting the doctor, etc.
  • Pronunciation & grammar

Through these classes our students will gain confidence in their English speaking, understand English speakers more easily, and learn pronunciation and grammar.

When can you come to the program?

We use a waiting list, so people who register will get in first.


Please keep in mind, the waitlist could be up to a month long. While you wait we will ask you to come for a short English assessment so we can place you in a group once there is room.

The program is not drop-in – we ask students to attend every Saturday. If they are not able to come at least 3 times a month, we will let a new student take their place in the group.

We do not have childcare at this time

We ask students not to bring their children – they become bored and often distract adult students.